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Serrano River


Navigation Puerto Natales- Torres del Paine (Balmaceda, Serrano, Tyndall glaciers and Paine massif)

We leave at 7:00 a.m. from the 21 de Mayo Tourist Office to set sail at 7:30 a.m. from Puerto Bories. We sail through the impressive Última Esperanza Fjord and visit the spectacular Balmaceda Glacier, and then head to the imposing Serrano Glacier located in the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park.

After a snack we embark on Zodiac type boats and navigate up the majestic Serrano River. During the navigation, we can appreciate the impressive view of the southern ice fields and the glaciers that extend for about 40 kilometers, uniting the fjord with the Torres del Paine National Park. These glaciers are fed by meltwater from the Grey, Tyndall, Geike and Balmaceda glaciers.

On the way, we pass by the Tyndall Glacier viewpoint, which is part of the majestic Southern Ice Field. Then, we arrive at the spectacular Serrano River waterfall, where we disembark and walk for about 15 minutes through the native forest until we find the second boat.

Finally, we arrive in Torres del Paine and enjoy a delicious lunch at the Hotel del Paine, after having lived an unforgettable experience.

Duration: 8 hours (07:00 - 15:00)

Difficulty: Low, come with clothing appropriate to the weather conditions

Includes: Navigation, entrance to Bernardo O'higgins Park, snack and lunch

Does not include: Luggage transport, transfer from hotels (quote)


07:00 am

Departure from Turismo 21 de mayo office

07:30 am

Set sail from Puerto Bories

11:00 pm

Serrano Glacier hike and snack in Puerto Toro

12:30 pm

Navigation upriver to Torres del Paine

14:30 am

Arrival at Villa Serrano and lunch at Hotel del Paine


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